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The idea of this powerful Precious Metal spreadsheet is to make the tracking of your precious metals easier. Are you an invester in precious metals, or are you just a collector who finds it hard keep track on your Silver, Gold, Platinum, Palladium & Copper's market value? This spreadsheet will keep track of your precious metal investments, which allows for you to input your own descriptions, shipping costs (if any that may have cost you to ship your precious metal to you). You can also input the quantity in ounces for Silver. Input quantity in grams or ounces for Gold, Platinum and Palladium. Input quantity in ounces or pounds for Copper and quantity of Scrap Silver, and quantity of Silver Coins in Comon Silver Coins (known as Junk Silver) which all calculates your overal ounces on each sheet giving you a total tab on value in the savings sheet.



Extra Features

  • Automatic Market Updates: This spreadsheet automatically updates to the market from FOREXPROS, Kitco and ExchangeRates UK through a Data sheet. These pulled updates fom the market is the source of the spreadsheet's calculations. The automatic market updates means that you do not have to continually go and manually input that data into your spreadsheet, this spreadsheet does that for you! Put in your investment details and this spreadsheet can do a lot the calculating the value from the spot price. It will tell you when the market is open or closed up the top of the Gold and Silver sheets. It will even tell you how long before the market will open if it is closed for trading or close if it is opened for trading.
  • List of Supported Precious Metals:
    • Silver Bullion Sheet: This is to calculate all your Silver on its own sheet, making it easier to keep track of metals, which then is calculated and the total net worth added to the savings sheet at the same time keeping all your precious metals total net worth on its own sheet as well to help keep total control of your collection.
    • Silver Coins Inventory Sheet: Silver Coins, is a spreadsheet much like the Silver & Gold sheets, but with a unique list of coins already programmed into it. Instead of typing in each coin description, and then doing a search to on the net to try and figure out how much silver content is in the coin, this sheet has that programmed in already of common coins with silver content! Under the Description input, there is a drop down menu that has a list of coins from the USA, Australia Canada, New Zealand & United Kingdom. Then, you put in how many coins you have which will then automatically calculate the total amount of silver content in the coins giving you an easy update to how much silver you have in Junk Silver, and how much they are worth according to the market updated every 15 minutes, also letting you know the total net worth of your Silver Coins or better known as Junk Silver! You can also input how much the coins cost you which will give you a view of your percentage and figure difference in value. You also have the option to add your own coins at the bottom of the list, if it is not in the list already. Usually this applies to those foreign and/or rarer coins.
    • Scrap Silver Inventory Sheet: Keep track of your Silverware! This sheet is much like the other sheets, though it is designed for Silverware, or better known as Junk Silver! Your Scrap Silver Sheet's drop down menu has many choices to choose from. From Tea Sets to Spoons, from Candle Holders to Earings, from Salt/Pepper Shakers to Cups, and the list goes on.
    • Gold Bullion Sheet: This is to calculate all your Gold on its own sheet, much the same to the Silver Investment Sheet, making it easier to keep track of metals. Much easier than having different types of metals all on one sheet, rather this seperates those metals in their own category which then is calculated and the total net worth added to the savings sheet.
    • Scrap Gold Sheet This feature gives you the option of inputting gold jewelry into this spreadsheet. It supports from 1 Karat all the way to 24 Karat. Choose the Karat from the drop down list and it will calculate the gold content and value automatically!
    • Platinum Bullion Sheet: Don't think Gold and Silver sheets is enough for your mixed metal collection? This extra sheet gives the edge to other spreadsheets. This is to calculate all your Platinum on its own sheet.
    • Palladium Bullion Sheet: Just in case you like to push your precious metal collections to the edge, the Palladium sheet gives you the option just incase you are a Palladium collector!
    • Copper Bullion Sheet: This one is for those of you who like to collect copper as well! Either it be bullion bars, rounds, even scrap, or some or all. The Copper tab pushes realy does help make this spreadsheet stand out.
  • Pennies Quantity Input: You can find this under the Copper tab, at the top of the sheet. Input your quantity of pennies, for two different types of pennies. The Wheat penny &  Lincoln pre-1983 penny. The spreadsheet will calculate the copper content and give a value for the total of each coin and total all the rest and then add the total to the summary sheet which is shown under the Copper Investments total. *Please note: Not all 1982 pennies are 95% copper. The copper pennies should weigh 3.11 grams, non copper weighs 2.5 grams.
  • Summary Sheet: This helps to calculate your total savings. This particular sheet is included in the whole excel document, and the use of it is optional. The total Silver and Gold holdings value will be added to the savings sheet which gives you the option to input your own savings details, and even iput your own debts as well which will minus off your overall savings helping give an insight into your real savings worth.
  • Savings Goal Thermometer: Keep track of your savings progress, and reach your goals! It's said that research shows that people who have written goals that they can see, are more likely to reach those goals than those that just have those goals in their head. This Thermometer is optional, and the spreadsheet can function very well without it, though the option is there! So you may find it very useful when saving up. Also, when the market value of your precious metal updates, the Thermometer will also update accordingly.
  • Market Calculations, SPOT, PRIVATE & VS. RATIO : Precious Metal Investment Performance spreadsheet will even calculate the average estimate price that Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium might sell for privately, and even the VS. Ratio which is the Gold and Silver Ratio (designed for the silver sheets). This is used to calculate the value of Silver if it were set as a historical standard ratio of 17:1. Now prices vary from sale to sale, so it just gives an estimate.
  • Silver & Gold Ratio: This has been added to the Summary sheet at the top which shows the current market Gold and Silver Ratio. Historically it has averaged at 17:1. What the Ratio means is that for example say it is 44:1 then it would take 44 ounces of Silver to buy 1 ounce of Gold.
  • Ratio Calculations: The Silver tabs, Gold tab, along with the Copper tab have the ratios compared to gold. So the Vs. Ratio Value on each tab is to only give an example or idea of the historical ratio. Silver has been historically around 17:1, gold of course will always be 1:1 and copper historically is supposed to have been between 300 to 400 lbs to 1 oz of gold. So for copper we've met that in the middle of 350 lbs to 1 oz of gold.
  • Color Coded Sheets This feature makes it a little easier to easily see which sheet is which. Now when you change from one sheet to the other, you can use the color codes to speed up that process.
  • Upgrade Notifier: Know when there is a new release available for download. This is under the Summary sheet at the bottom right. On the bottom it will show Your Release, and on the top it will show Latest Upgrade Available. If the Latest Upgrade Available Version is different to Your Release Version, then there will be a new update available for you to download. A subject for the Upgrade Type will read something like "Major Upgrade - etc, or Fix etc, depending on the type of upgrade available. Also there is the Upgrade Details which is also shown to give some small details on what the upgrade may have included. A link to download any upgrades is provided below this information.
  • Charts: Something that stands out, this spreadsheet will give you market updates for Silver and Gold in a graph format under the sheet Charts! It will give you graphs shown from Jan 1st for the current year through a 1 week performance, a 1 month performance, 3 months performance as well as the this year's current performance.


This is a must for anyone who is into precious metals, and it is free to download!

Spreadsheet not currently working with spot prices, however there is a free BASIC Version where you can manually input the spot prices. We're working to correct this. For now, the BASIC version can be found here:

  • Release:
    • Version 2..7.2
  • Updated:
    • June 11, 2014




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